How do you charge a Plugin Hybrid or Electric car?

Plugin hybrid and electric cars are most commonly charged at home, but can be charged at work, or at any public chargers, such as at supermarkets or service stations. You can find out a bit more about how each works below.

Charging Point connections

Read our simple guide below to learn how to charge an electric car and
various types of charging point connections.

Electric car charging myths

An electric car could massively reduce your running costs, but is it right for
you? To help you make an informed choice, we’ve dispelled some of the
most common EV myths.

More about Electric & Hybrid cars

What is a battery electric car?

A battery electric vehicle is better for the environment than a petrol or diesel car, cheaper to run and simpler to own. Like the sound of that? Our simple guide can tell you more.


What is a Hybrid or Self-Charging Hybrid car?

A hybrid or self-charging hybrid car switches between petrol and electric automatically to optimise driving performance, improve fuel economy and lower emissions. Simply get in and the car generates power as you drive. No plugging in required.

What is a Plug-In Hybrid car?

Plug-in Hybrid cars use a combination of petrol and electric to offer you many of the benefits of an electric car and a petrol engine combined.

What is a Mild Hybrid car?

Kia’s mild hybrid cars use a very small battery and a clever motor/generator to save fuel and lower emissions.

How does charging work?

Don’t worry, charging may seem complicated, but in reality it’s very simple.

What is the cost of running an electric car?

Owning an electric car is cheaper than you might think, with Government grants, tax incentives and lower running costs.