The Kia Concept Cars

The Future of Kia electric cars

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The Kia Concept EV3

Robust yet innovative

The Kia Concept EV4

Redefining the sedan EV

Platform Beyond Vehicle

Explore how the future of mobility will reshape our cities, private domains, and lifestyles. Kia PBV stands prepared to embrace every moment of inspiration along the journey.

Kia defines the PBV business as a trust-based specialized and customized business ecosystem for each customer domain.
The PBV ecosystem is being prepared around specialized (1) lineups, (2) production systems, (3) product development processes, (4) solutions, and (5) future businesses.

Phase 1

Our first Mid PBV, the Kia PV5, will be an EV optimized for major domains such as hailing, delivery and utilities that features conversion capability for diverse customer needs.
Enhanced data connectivity between vehicles and external data such as route or delivery information will enable convenient operation of multiple vehicles as a software-defined fleet. This emergence of customized business fleets and PBV-specific solutions means less downtime and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Phase 2

Kia PBVs will evolve into AI-based mobility platforms that use data to interact with users and ensure that it is always up-to-date.
The completion of a dedicated PBV lineup will expand domain coverage to large logistics companies, mobility businesses and private lifestyle users. Real-time vehicle data will be shared with city management systems, enabling us to continuously provide customers with advanced mobility solutions using optimized fleet management system-controlled digital data. Expanding the scope of data connectivity will support AI-driven vehicle control and management, and an integrated PBV solution will provide a customized, seamless experience across devices and software. Meanwhile, new forms of business linked with robotics and other future technologies will emerge.

Phase 3

Kia PBVs will evolve into highly customizable, bespoke mobility solutions by integrating with the future mobility ecosystem.
This is where Kia PBVs will ultimately become life platforms that turn any inspiration into reality. Connected self-driving vehicles will be managed as part of a single smart city operating system. And with the emergence of a hyper-connected world where people, PBVs and social infrastructure are seamlessly linked, we will open the door to completely new lifestyles by creating a robust PBV ecosystem based on the Hyundai Motor Group’s future technologies for autonomous driving, advanced air mobility, robotics, and the energy grid.