The Loutsios Group was appointed as a KIA distributor in Cyprus in early 2003 with actual stock received in July 2003, and in the 5 months till the end of the year 2003 the Group has managed to sell 161 units. In the years to come the Loutsios Group has managed to increase the sales of KIA to levels that only the big names could achieve.


In 2012 the total sales of KIA in Cyprus were 1125 units capturing close to 10% of the total market when the total market share of KIA in Europe was close to 2% and for the year ended in 2015 KIA in Cyprus has managed to sell 1173 units capturing a market share of more than 10%.


With over 60 years of presence in the Cyprus market, the founders have managed to grow from a small trading company to a large and well diversified group. The growth has come from both vertical and horizontal expansion and its success is largely based on the excellent reputation enjoyed by its shareholders who are also the management team behind the operations.